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Is ChocoPerfection a health bar or a chocolate bar?

It is true that ChocoPerfection tastes like fine European chocolate. More importantly, the main sweetener in ChocoPerfection low-carb chocolate bars is chicory root fiber. Chicory root is a prebiotic fiber that provides unique health benefits such as not raising blood sugar levels, supporting weight loss, and strengthening the immune system.

How is ChocoPerfection healthier than other sugar-free chocolate?

Other sugar-free chocolate bars contain maltitol or stevia and soluble corn fiber, also known as maltodextrin. Maltitol has a glycemic index range of 35 to 52, which raises blood sugar as much as table sugar and does not support weight loss. Stevia has a low glycemic index, but is used in foods with the anti-caking agent called maltodextrin. Maltodextrin, also known as soluble corn fiber, has a glycemic index of 85-110 and raises blood sugar levels even more than table sugar.

Alternatively, the sweetener in ChocoPerfection low-carb chocolate bars is chicory root fiber, also known as oligofructose, which is a prebiotic fiber that has health benefits and a glycemic index of 0 to 1, does not increase blood sugar levels and helps with weight loss.

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Reference Soluble Corn Fiber is the same as Maltodextrin with high Glycemic Index

Is ChocoPerfection helpful for people with Type 2 Diabetes?

Yes. The sweeteners in ChocoPerfection low-carb chocolate bars are all natural and do not have any effect on blood sugar levels. Also, each bar of ChocoPerfection also contains 56% of USDA recommended daily fiber and helps to stop cravings for sugar.

How does ChocoPerfection help with weight loss?

Product creator, Mary Jo Kringas, who was overweight her whole life, lost 75 lbs. in one year by eating 2-3 ChocoPerfection 50g Dark bars a day as part of the ChocoPerfection Chocolate Lover's Diet. Mary Jo struggled with her weight for thirty years until she discovered that she could lose weight by keeping her blood sugar levels low. When blood sugar rises, insulin is produced, and insulin is known as "the fat producing hormone." ChocoPerfection low-carb chocolate bars do not raise blood sugar levels and this helps greatly with weight loss on a low carb, zero sugar eating plan.

What is the ChocoPerfection Chocolate Lover's Diet that works for weight loss?

The diet is unlimited amounts of:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Poultry
  • Nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Vegetables (not potatoes or sweet potatoes)
  • Unsweetened yogurt
  • SweetPerfection sweetener made from chicory root
  • 2-3 ChocoPerfection low-carb chocolate bars (50 g) bars a day

Do you need to eat ChocoPerfection to lose weight?

No, you do not need to eat ChocoPerfection for weight loss, but it helps a great deal. Most dieters are addicted to sugar, and frequently have a yeast infection which causes them to crave sweets even more. Even one small apple can raise blood sugar by more than 100 points, and will call forth the production of insulin. It is important to have snacks that taste sweet but do not raise blood sugar, feed a yeast infection, or cause further sugar cravings. ChocoPerfection is sweetened from chicory root fiber that does not raise blood sugar levels, plus the high fiber in ChocoPerfection creates a feeling of "fullness" to stop sugar cravings.

Does ChocoPerfection have a lot of caffeine?

No, the 50g ChocoPerfection Dark chocolate bar has 43 mg of caffeine and the 50g ChocoPerfection Milk chocolate bar has 24 mg of caffeine. By comparison, the average cup of drip coffee has 115-175 mg of caffeine.

Do people actually lose weight eating ChocoPerfection?

Yes. Here are some testimonials from customers.

Why do you not use stevia in ChocoPerfection?

Mainly because stevia has a bitter aftertaste and has no health benefits. Because stevia is 200 to 400 times as sweet as sugar, the concentrated stevia must be dispersed with an anti-caking agent. Normally, the anti-caking agent used is maltodextrin or dextrin, which is made from potato or corn. Neither of these are healthy or low glycemic ingredients. Also, stevia itself has no known health properties compared to the prebiotic benefits of chicory root fiber which we use in ChocoPerfection.

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