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SweetPerfection Zero Sugar Chicory Fiber Sweetener

There’s no secret to the delicious flavor, satisfying fiber, and sugar-free health benefits of our gourmet ChocoPerfection bars. The answer lies in chicory root fiber, an all-natural sugar replacement that has been used for centuries to stimulate digestion, lower cholesterol and promote wellness. That’s why we’re pleased to share SweetPerfection chicory fiber sweetener with you, our chemical-free sugar substitute that looks and tastes just like sugar, with just a fraction of the calories and none of the negative impact on insulin levels.

If you love ChocoPerfection bars, then it’s time to get creative in the kitchen and expand your repertoire of other sugar-free desserts! Use our SweetPerfection all-natural chicory fiber sweetener as a cup for cup sugar substitute. Then surprise and delight your guests with delicious, sugar-free and fiber-rich treats! The chicory root fiber in this healthy sugar alternative will also increase your feelings of “fullness” and curb sugar cravings, can cleanse candida or yeast infections, and can support a weight loss or low-carb eating program.

Each 20 ounce bag contains three cups of SweetPerfection chicory root sweetener, and each order comes with a satisfaction guarantee and free shipping within the U.S. So what are you waiting for? Order this healthy sugar alternative for baking and more today!