How do I return an item?

There is no need to return any product (excluding SweetPerfection) to receive a refund if the original purchase was under $65.

Simply call 206.453.4041 or send a message to
s u p p o r t @ c h o c o p e r f e c t i o n . c o m
and we will issue an immediate refund for any product that you do not find satisfactory.

If your purchase is over $65, please ship your product to:
ChocoPerfection Corp.
6040 N. Government Way
Unit 204
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815

Upon receipt of your return, we will process a full refund for the original amount of your returned zero sugar chocolate bars.

The refund policy is "one-time" per customer. Once a customer has received a refund, we will not honor any future requests from the same customer for another refund.