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Sugar-Free Mint Chocolate Bars

Is there a more classic or winning combination than chocolate and mint? Itís hard to find one! Our sugar-free mint dark chocolate flavor is notorious for winning converts over to the ChocoPerfection lifestyle. Youíll be hard-pressed to distinguish these refreshingly smooth sugar-free mint chocolate bars from the after-dinner dark chocolate mints found at certain restaurants; in fact, thatís one of our favorite ways to enjoy this low carb mint-flavored chocolate! Offer a sugar-free chocolate mint bar to your guests after dinner to make them feel like royalty Ė while keeping health considerations in mind.

Featuring the rich, decadent flavor of chocolate followed by a distinct and delicious burst of mint, these sugar-free and low-carb mint dark chocolate bars contain just 40 calories per snack-sized bar, while providing three grams of fiber. Itís a perfect balance of flavors, guaranteed to meet the needs of any sugar-free, low-carb, diabetic, or ketogenic diet while satisfying with its rich taste and smooth feel. The sugar-free mint chocolate bars come in our popular ďmini barĒ size so that you can easily have them after dinner, on-the-go, or any time! Order our diabetes-friendly dark chocolate by themselves or in tandem with our other delectable, popular flavors for a variety that canít be beat. Every purchase of our dark chocolate mint bars comes with a satisfaction guarantee and ships for free in the U.S.!