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From the American Diabetes Association on Chocolate

Myth: People with diabetes can't eat chocolate.
Fact: If eaten as part of a healthy meal plan, chocolate and desserts can be eaten by people with diabetes. They are no more "off limits" to people with diabetes than they are to people without diabetes. "Diabetes and Chocolate"

How did this happen that a
chocolate bar could be healthy?

ChocoPerfection Low Glycemic Chocolate Bars

  • has 0g sugar and is 100% free of maltitol or dextrins which raise blood sugar levels.
  • is naturally sweetened mostly from chicory root fiber, which has a glycemic index of 0.
  • has 12-14g of prebiotic fiber in every 50g bar.
  • has all the beneficial anti-oxidants of chocolate, but none of the sugar.
  • is sourced from non-gmo ingredients and is clean of added caffeine or "natural flavors".

We use sweeteners that benefit diabetics

ChocoPerfection does not contain

maltitol, sorbitol, mannitol or stevia with dextrin or maltodextrin. These sweeteners are technically "sugar free" but have a glycemic index which is higher than sugar. These artificial sweeteners are not considered to be helpful for diabetics.

Why is the glycemic index of a food important?

The glycemic index (GI) assigns a numeric score to a food based on how drastically it makes your blood sugar rise. Foods are ranked on a scale of 0 to 100, with white sugar given a value of 100. The lower a food's glycemic index, the slower blood sugar rises after eating that food. [This ia a good thing.]

The bottom line? Following the principles of low-glycemic-index eating is beneficial for people with diabetes.

For more information, Read "The low down on glycemic index" from Harvard Health Publishing

Our diabetic customers love these ChocoPerfection bar flavors

Diabetic-Friendly Chocolate

When people embark on a diabetic diet, one of their most common questions is about an almost universally favorite indulgence: chocolate. Itís no surprise that as people shift their dietary habits they wonder if theyíll still be able to enjoy one of lifeís little luxuries. We have good news, straight from the experts at the American Diabetes Association:

ďMyth: People with diabetes canít eat chocolate. Fact: If eaten as part of a healthy meal plan, chocolate and desserts can be eaten by people with diabetes. They are no more "off limits" to people with diabetes than they are to people without diabetes.Ē (Source)

Thatís where ChocoPerfection low glycemic chocolate bars come in. This sugar-free chocolate for diabetics is sweetened with chicory root plant fiber, which doesnít raise blood sugar levels. Itís also all-natural, non-GMO, full of antioxidants, and caffeine-free. In short, this fine European chocolate will soon become one of your favorite diabetic-friendly desserts! Indulge in it after a meal or any time you need a little moment of bliss, and stay satisfied for longer not only due to the delicious taste but to the 14 grams of healthy plant fiber per serving. You can also incorporate this diabetic dark chocolate into a low-carb eating program to support weight loss as you take the right steps in your diabetic lifestyle.

Having Diabetes no longer needs to feel like you canít enjoy one of the finer things in life. Support your health and indulge in a rich gourmet treat with ChocoPerfection low glycemic chocolate bars. Order today for free U.S. shipping and a satisfaction guarantee!

"In the 14 years that ChocoPerfection has been in business, fewer than 1/10th of 1% of customers have indicated that our chocolate bars may have raised their blood sugar."

Mary Jo Kringas
ChocoPerfection Founder

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