Ice Packing in Warm Weather

During the Warm Weather

  • Use a shipping address where your FEDEX package can be delivered inside and not left outdoors, to prevent melting.
  • Add "ADDITIONAL ICE PACKS" to your order if your destination temperature is over 80 degrees and this option is available.
  • Do not ship your keto friendly chocolate to an address where your order will be delivered and left outside. Your order will likely melt there, even with ice packs.
  • The price of the ChocoPerfection chocolate includes 2-Day FEDEX delivery and standard ice packs. We are fully responsible to replace or refund your order if you are not satisfied for any reason, and this includes melting.

We do check the arrival temperature of every order before shipping. If there is upcoming cooler weather under 70 degrees within the next week in your zip code, your order will be held for shipping when the weather is cooler to protect the chocolate.