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The ChocoPerfection Chocolate Lover's Diet

Take the finest, gourmet European chocolate and sweeten it with sugar-free natural plant fiber that tastes exactly like sugar, and you get ChocoPerfection.

The Best Tasting Weight Loss Chocolate... Ever.

  • Finally, a guilt-free chocolate bar that tastes 'real' and helps with weight loss.
  • ChocoPerfection has 14g of prebiotic fiber in every bar which reduces sugar cravings.
  • ChocoPerfection is all natural, 100% sugar-free, and has all the beneficial anti-oxidants of chocolate.
  • A daily part of the Low Carb Chocolate Lover's Diet!
Watch this video to learn the secret to weight loss on a keto diet. After seeing this, you will never again be "tricked" by keto labels that sabotage your weight loss.
ChocoPerfection is recommended by the following weight-loss experts

Jorge Cruise - The Belly Fat Cure

Praised as "the simple guide that makes smart eating effortless." Among the 800 foods in the Belly Fat Cure guide, the Milk and Dark ChocoPerfection bars are ranked 0/1.4 and 0/1.5. This places the ChocoPerfection bars among the top four chocolate bars recommended in the entire "Belly Good" chocolate category. Page 395.

Ann Louise Gittleman - Get the Sugar Out

Gittleman writes, "ChocoPerfection bars offer fewer calories than traditional chocolate bars because they contain erythritol instead of sugar. These bars have no effect on insulin levels and are high in natural fiber, so they also help to suppress appetite... plus, this bar is diabetic friendly." Page 211.

Jimmy Moore- 21 Life Lessons

Having blogged that the ChocoPerfection bar is the best tasting low- carb chocolate ever, Jimmy Moore also likes the ChocoPerfection bars for their dietary fiber. He says, "Some of my favorite low-carb bars include the ChocoPerfection chocolate bars which are LOADED with more fiber than most of the fruits, veggies, whole grains and beans you can buy." Click here to read the entire review of ChocoPerfection by Jimmy Moore.

Maria Emmerich - Maria Emmerich Cook Book

Maria Emmerich says "ChocoPerfection bars are the perfect chocolate that all my health-conscious clients, dieters, and work-out warriors are looking for! Chocolate without the guilt!" As proof, in Maria's book, Nutritious and Delicious, the ChocoPerfection bars are used in many recipes. Among them are Chocolate Cake Donuts page 46, Fudge Ecstasies page 228, Brownie Biscotti, page 237, and the cover recipe for Chocolate Lava Cakes.

Weight Loss by Eating Chocolate!

The developer of ChocoPerfection, Mary Jo Kringas, lost 130 pounds eating unlimited ChocoPerfection as part of a low-carb, ketogenic, eating plan based on unlimited eggs, fish, meat, poultry, nuts, vegetables, cheese, heavy cream, and olive oil.

Click Here to Read the “ChocoPerfection Chocolate Lovers Diet” that has been proven for weight loss of 100+ pounds.

The ChocoPerfection
Money-Back Guarantee

You must be completely satisfied with the taste, smoothness and packaging of ChocoPerfection.

Anything less than absolute love for ChocoPerfection will result in an immediate refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Please see Return Policy under Company Information for details on our Money-Back Guarantee.

The Best-Tasting Weight Loss Chocolate…Ever

We’ve known from Day 1 what a powerful tool ChocoPerfection bars are in supporting weight loss, and now we have the experts to back it up. What started as one woman’s successful loss of 130 pounds is now garnering high praise among some of the weight loss and health industry’s most popular professionals, from advocates of low-carb diets to experts in body fat reduction.

Chocolate and a weight loss diet may seem like an unlikely duo, but there are many unique factors that make ChocoPerfection the perfect “weight loss chocolate.” It’s sweetened from sugar-free natural plant fiber, and provides a healthy and satisfying 14 grams of fiber per serving so you’ll stay fuller for longer. Chocolate’s natural antioxidants provide additional benefits, and the fat in the chocolate is from butter oil and stearic acid, both of which are healthy fats that have been proven to either lower cholesterol or have no impact at all. The fat in our gourmet low-carb chocolate bars contributes to an overall feeling of satiety, leaving you less likely to crave sweets or snacks throughout the day.