Domestic Shipping

Shipping Options within the United States

Our Free Shipping is sent by 2-Day FEDEX. During the cooler weather months of October to April, our shipping schedule is

Shipping Days of the Week Monday through Friday

Daily Processing Timeframe Same day for orders received by 11 am PST, or next business day for orders received after 11 am.

FREE 2-Day FEDEX Shipping
for estimated arrival in 2-3 days.

Monday Shipments deliver on Wednesday

Tuesday Shipments deliver on Thursday

Wednesday Shipments deliver on Friday

Thursday Shipments deliver on Saturday or Monday

Friday Shipments deliver on following Tuesday or Wednesday

Within 1 business, you will receive an email notification with your FEDEX tracking number. Please check your spam folder if you have not received this tracking email.

Arrival weather temperature over 70 degrees

Shipping Days of the Week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for arrival by Saturday with 2-Day FedEx Shipping

Other shipping options may be available at checkout.

During the July 4th holiday week, we ship on Monday of the following week to avoid melting during the July 4th postal holiday.

If your arrival temperature is over 70 degrees, we will add standard ice packs to your order at no additional cost.

Please provide a shipping address where someone is available to receive your no sugar chocolate bars upon delivery. Even with freezing and cold packing, the ChocoPerfection will melt if your package is left outside more than 30 minutes at temperatures over 80 degrees.

If your temperature is over 70 degrees, we can deliver to you, even in very warm weather. Please

  • Use a shipping address where someone is available to accept your delivery or where the mail is delivered inside by the carrier.
  • You may wish to pay extra to "INCLUDE ADDITIONAL ICE PACKS" where this option is offered at checkout.
  • Do not ship to an address where your order will be left outside for several hours. Your order will likely melt there, even with additional ice packs.