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Why You Should Be on a Low-Carb Diet

Almost 50% of American adults now have diabetes or pre-diabetes. The root cause of diabetes is insulin resistance. Insulin is used in the body to drive blood sugar that is, glucose into our cells where it fuels our daily lives. If you're insulin resistant, you have trouble getting that blood sugar to go into your cells. As a result, your body will create more insulin, which affects us in two ways:

  • it makes us hungrier
  • and it causes our bodies to store the food we eat as fat.

So maybe you're not overweight at all, and think you're exempt from these issues. You might want to think again: 16-25% of normal weight adults are insulin resistant. Over time, as their bodies produce more and more insulin, they'll eventually get to a point where they can't keep up, and blood sugar levels will start to rise. Enter diabetes.

According to obesity physician Dr. Sarah Hallberg in her Ted Talk, "Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines", the solution the reversal of these blood sugar problems is by eliminating the cause: carbohydrates. Dr. Hallberg has seen through extensive clinical work the effects of introducing a low-carb diet on her patient's health and the results are incredible.

"When our patients decrease their carbs, their glucose goes down and they don't need as much insulin, so their insulin levels drop and fast," Dr. Hallberg explains to her audience. "Low carb intervention works so fast that we can literally pull people off of hundreds of units of insulin in days, two weeks."

Dr. Hallberg encourages both those suffering from diabetes and the rest of us, too, to decrease our carbohydrate intake to a minimum, replacing it with fat. Fat actually works to keep our glucose, blood sugar, and insulin levels low and it tastes great too. Plus, low-carb nutrition has been shown to decrease inflammatory markers, which is great for diseases like cancer.

One of the most staggering statistics that Dr. Hallberg presents here is the money that those suffering from Type II diabetes would save by implementing a low-carbohydrate diet into their daily lives. She quotes patients saving over $200,000 per year on medications they won't need anymore.

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Maintaining a low-carbohydrate intake when dieting for diabetes does not mean that you can't enjoy the food you're eating. There is plenty of delicious food out there including meat, fish, eggs, poultry, nuts and for anyone with a sweet tooth, ChocoPerfection bars. Say hello to your new favorite low carb treat that won't interfere with the keto diet benefits you've worked hard for.