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Dark Almond ChocoPerfection 12-Bar Gift Box DARK ALMOND - 12 Bars 50g
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Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Almond Bars

Crunchy, creamy, and nutty, our sugar-free dark chocolate almond bars will be the highlight of dessert after dinner. There are nine whole almonds in every bar, ensuring a satisfying crunch in every bite. We arenít kidding when we say this is the best tasting sugar-free chocolate ever. We create each of our chocolate bars using chicory fiber, resulting in truly zero grams of sugar. This ingredient allows customers with diabetes or keto diet restrictions to safely enjoy snacking on our chocolate bars without raising blood sugar levels.

Donít sacrifice sweet tooth embellishments in pursuit of weight loss. In fact, ChocoPerfectionís founder, MaryJo Kringas, ate two to three 50g bars of ChocoPerfection daily during her keto diet and was able to lose over 130 pounds. Browse our collection of sugar-free dark chocolate almond bars and reach out to us with any questions you may have.