ChocoPerfection Gourmet Sugar Free Chocolate

Company History

ChocoPerfection has been in business since 2003. The company was founded by Mary Jo Kringas. Due to a struggle with obesity since childhood, Mary Jo was finally able to lose weight on a low-carb eating program. However, when she ate "sugar free" chocolate made with maltitol, her weight loss stopped.

Mary Jo learned that Japan and Europe use FOS (also known as inulin or oligofructose) as a healthy and sweet alternative to sugar. She started eating chocolate made with this prebiotic fiber from chicory root and was finally able to lose weight and sustain her weight loss for more than 10 years.

By staying on a low carb eating program, and eating ChocoPerfection as her 2-3 (50g) bar a day "treat," Mary Jo was able to lose 75 lb. over one year, and then another 25 lbs. in the following year.

Please note, that although Mary Jo ate/eats 2-3 (50g) bars a day of ChocoPerfection, this is not meant to imply that such consumption is necessary for weight loss. When on a weight loss eating program, all food choices are made in comparison to other foods. Instead of eating potato chips, cake, chocolate chip cookies or soda pop, she chose to eat ChocoPerfection chocolate with no sugar as her treat. Mary Jo says "If I could have trained myself to eat more fish or vegetables, I would have done it, but I liked ChocoPerfection much more, and this treat kept me on my low carb eating plan."

ChocoPerfection was created to help others who wish to lose weight without giving up an indulgence in quality gourmet chocolate.

All products are 100% guaranteed for your complete satisfaction.
Our mission is to provide gourmet quality, sugar-free, all-natural and satisfying foods for customers who are diabetic or seeking weight loss.

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