ChocoPerfection is a sugar-free gourmet chocolate company. We make premium quality diabetic and keto chocolate. Since 2003 and known as

The Best Tasting Sugar-Free Chocolate... Ever.

Guilt-Free Chocolate

Finally, a guilt-free chocolate bar that tastes 'real' yet does not raise blood sugar levels.

We've Got Fiber

ChocoPerfection bars have 14g of prebiotic fiber which reduces sugar cravings.

100% Sugar-Free

ChocoPerfection is all natural, 100% sugar-free, and has all the beneficial anti-oxidants of chocolate.

A Daily Indulgence

A daily part of the Low Carb Chocolate Lover's Diet! ChocoPerfection bars are especially helpful on a ketogenic eating plan. See Nutrition for the keto ratios of flavors.

About Our Quality Ingredients

What do you use for a sweetener?

ChocoPerfection is sweetened by plants. The main sweetener is chicory root fiber which is also called FOS. The other sweetener in ChocoPerfection is erythritol, which is also made from plants. Both sweeteners have a glycemic index of zero, which means that they do not raise blood sugar levels.

What are the ingredients?

The main ingredients in ChocoPerfection are Cocoa, Chicory Root Fiber, Erythritol, Cocoa Butter, Butter Oil, Soy Lecithin and Vanilla Extract. All ingredients are Non-GMO. For the specific ingredients on each flavor, please see the link for Nutrition at the top of this website.

How many ChocoPerfection bars should I eat a day?

Product developer, Mary Jo Kringas, ate/eats two to three 50g bars of ChocoPerfection daily and lost 130 pounds on a low carb eating plan. It is not that ChocoPerfection is necessary for weight loss. However, it sure helps...a lot. One 50g, and very filling, ChocoPerfection Dark bar has 0g sugar, 14g fiber and only 2g net carbs. With ChocoPerfection, you can indulge in great tasting chocolate on a low carb eating plan and still lose weight. We suggest you eat as much as you want. See the ChocoPerfection Chocolate Lovers Diet under the Weight Loss link for details on the diet that Mary Jo followed to lose 130 pounds.

The ChocoPerfection
Money-Back Guarantee

You must be completely satisfied with the taste, smoothness and packaging of ChocoPerfection.

Anything less than absolute love for ChocoPerfection will result in an immediate refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Please see Return Policy under Company Information for details on our Money-Back Guarantee.

Watch this video to learn the secret to weight loss on a keto diet. After seeing this, you will never again be "tricked" by keto labels that sabotage your weight loss.

ChocoPerfection Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

Finally, a guilt-free chocolate bar that tastes just like full-sugar chocolate and helps with weight loss! We are proud to introduce you to ChocoPerfection, a delectable, sugar-free dark chocolate that has its roots in gourmet European recipes. Unlike its high-carb cousins, each ChocoPerfection bar is sweetened with 100% natural chicory root fiber, which makes this mouthwatering dark chocolate sugar-free without tasting that way! In fact, popular health bloggers and authors have all provided rave reviews of ChocoPerfection, including low-carb lifestyle guru Jimmy Moore, who declared it the "best-tasting low-carb chocolate ever." We've long known that ChocoPerfection is the best sugar-free chocolate available, and we're thrilled that other health and chocolate enthusiasts agree!

Because these gourmet sugar-free chocolates are sweetened with chicory root, ChocoPerfection provides the additional benefits of natural plant fiber, serving up a powerful 14g of prebiotic fiber in every bar. The fiber will make you feel full and reduce sugar cravings, making ChocoPerfection one of the only true gourmet sugar-free dark chocolate for weight loss you can find. In fact, Product Developer Mary Jo Kringas lost 130 pounds on a low-carb eating plan while incorporating two to three of these sugar-free dark chocolate bars into her diet per day. There are no tricks and this is no "miracle diet" we just use simple, all-natural ingredients that provide healthy solutions for the low-carb chocolate lover.

ChocoPerfection still offers all the beneficial antioxidants of regular dark chocolate, in addition to healthy saturated fat from stearic acid in the cocoa plant, which has been proven to lower cholesterol. Best of all, this rich, creamy sugar-free dark chocolate will not leave you feeling like you have to give up on your favorites just to adhere to your dietary needs. Whether you're diabetic, gluten-free, low-carb, or just looking to cut back on sugar for a more energized lifestyle, ChocoPerfection is the solution you've been waiting for. Try these delicious, gourmet sugar-free chocolates today, and if you're not satisfied you'll receive an immediate refund. Order now for free shipping within the U.S.!

Mary Jo Kringas
ChocoPerfection Founder

Sugar-Free Gourmet Chocolate Company